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World-class consulting services for Quality Management Systems based on ISO 9001

  • Business Growth

ISO 9001 Certification in Just 4 Months

We deliver the guidance, the tools, the training – and even give you access to our own project management app! It literally can’t get laid out for you any better!

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  • Training Enablement

Internal Auditor Training

On-demand or Live – We prove that Internal Auditor Training does’t have to be boring to be effective. We even provide a year of consulting with our training at no additional charge! Yep… it’s true.

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  • Social Media Analysis

Consulting Services

Quick wins to increase customer adquisition, lead and sales. We take a look at the big picture.

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Basic ISO 9001

Awareness Training

Train your entire organization on ISO 9001 Awareness! Get LIFETIME access for less that the price of your favorite latte!

The Ten Things Every Employee Should Know About ISO 9001

FREE: The Five Critical ISO 9001 Mistakes

There’s a FIVE things you can do right now to make a massive difference in your QMS with zero cost starting today!

8D Problem Solving Process

FREE: The Best ISO 9001 Requirements Training

You simply won’t find better online training on the ISO 9001 Requrements than this… and its 100% FREE!

ISO 9001 Requirements Training

PROBLEM SOLVED: Learn the 8D Problem Solving Process and eliminate the time and expense associated with repeat issues and recurring process defects! This course is complete with video instruction, Q&A forums, and even checklists for each step of the process!

8D Problem Solving Process
Kevin Shabaar Smith, President - The Leaderstone Brand

“I believe all businesses are built on three levels – The Plan, The Processes, and The People. Every business challenge I’ve ever seen has come down to one of these three things. That drives the focus of the Leaderstone® brand”

Kevin Shabaar Smith

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Kevin Shabaar Smith, President - The Kevin Shabaar Smith Co
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