ISO 9001 Internal Auditor Training by Leaderstone

On-Demand and Live Instruction by a Certified Trainer and Auditor

ISO 9001 Internal Auditor Training

Effective Internal Auditors are the key to a high-performing ISO 9001 Quality Management System. They deserve effective training that sticks!

On-Demand Access Meets Live Instruction

With our unique program structure, you never have to chose between the convenience of on-demand training and the effectiveness of having a instructor on-hand to guide you along the way.

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The ISO 9001 Untangled™ Internal Auditor Program consists of two parts…

The Requirements Course, and the Auditing Course (both included)

The Requirements Course

You will learn:

  • All of the ISO 9001 requirements in simplified terms
  • What a process-based system looks like
  • How the requirements may appear in your organization
  • How the ISO 9001 requirements “fit” together into a system
  • The Key Principles of the ISO 9001 requirements
  • The key differences between a QMS that works – and one that doesn’t

The first step in the program it to complete the requirements portion of the training. This course was designed to provide an understanding of all requirements of the ISO 9001 standard. We use exercises and case studies in both the live and on-demand programs to develop the required competency.

The Auditing Course

You will learn how to:

  • Identify the evidence needed to demonstrate conformity to ISO 9001:2015
  • Apply the process approach to internal audits
  • Evaluate required documented information
  • Apply the principles, processes, and methods of process-based auditing
  • How to prepare for performing an audit
  • Apply effective audit skills and perform an effective audit of a management system audit

The second part of the course is auditing portion. Here you’ll learn how to examine the the requirements of ISO 9001 in practice and to be able to conduct a successful audit. The course includes hands-on workshops to prepare you for real-life auditing situations. You’ll learn to manage the audit process and complete reporting.

That’s Not All…We will also cover…

  • How to get the most out of ISO 9001, even if most people aren’t on board (module 1)

  • Why most business chase their Quality Management System around like a runaway cat…and how to avoid it. (module 1)

  • What all organizations really look like inside if you squint really hard and pay attention. (module 1)

  • What the baby-boomer generation showed us about quality management…and the lesson you MUST learn from it! (module 6)

  • How to eliminate mass confusion from your communication process, with one simple step. (module 5)

  • What fast food can teach us about ISO 9001…and why it matters (module 4)
  • What you should NEVER tell your workforce to do during audits….hint: you’re probably doing it now. (module 8)

  • The top three places where you’re likely to have a nonconformance…and how to fix it starting right now! (module 7)

  • How to take advantage of the most underutilized tool in your QMS toolbox…and it costs NOTHING! (module 5)

  • Sooooo much more!

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For Your Records

Hard work deserves recognition!

Upon completion of both portions of the course along with all assessments and activities – participants will receive a Certificate of Completion for their records.

A copy can automatically be forwarded to your Human Resources representative as well!

Your certificate is issued by an experienced and certified instructor who has been trained to Exemplar Standards (Global-QM, AU, TL)

Unlike most on-demand courses, we don’t dump a ton of content on your lap and wish you…”good luck”. All the help you need is always one click away!

LIVE Coaching Calls! We’re Right There With You!

Just because training is on-demand, doesn’t mean you can’t have access to a live, certified instructor and auditor. If you have questions, simply save your seat and let’s chat!

Can’t wait for the next scheduled call? No problem!

We’re here to help all of our students get the absolute most from the program. Simply schedule a live call with you or your team, and we can get you back on track! No Problem!

What else is Included…

  • 8 foundational video training modules covering all sections of the of the ISO 9001 standard

  • Training that satisfies all training requirements (and then some) for your employees.

  • Live coaching calls twice every single month with a certified auditor and trainer…yes…a real person!

  • Exclusive access to the online learning center where all content is stored for you

  • Online content available to all participants 24/7

  • Discussion forums to post questions and get answers 7 days a week

  • Video technology that allows our participants to actually search for content INSIDE all videos

  • Complete access to ALL content and live coaching calls for an ENTIRE YEAR!

  • Certificates of Completion for your training records

Meet Your Instructor…

Kevin Shabaar Smith, President - The Leaderstone Brand

Kevin Shabaar Smith

  • Owner – The Kevin Shabaar Co. | Leaderstone® brand

  • MBA Penn State University

  • Certified Executive Coach, Trainer and Speaker

  • Certified ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 Trainer and Auditor

  • Certified Human Capital Strategist

  • Certified Senior Professional in Human Resources

  • Lean Operations Champion

  • Six Sigma Green Belt

  • Simplifier of Business Stuff

Trusted by organizational leaders

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Untangled™ Champion

$39700One time fee
  • Great for managers and supervisors!
  • ISO 9001 Untangled™ Requirements Course
  • Access for an ENTIRE YEAR!
  • 8 Requirements Training modules
  • Coverage that satisfies all awareness Requirements
  • Access to Learning Center 24/7
  • Discussion Forums
  • Search INSIDE videos for keywords
  • Certificate of Completion

ISO 9001 Untangled™ Auditor

$597per person
  • Everything in Foundation PLUS…
  • ISO 9001 Untangled™ Auditor Course
  • LIVE Q&A Calls every week!
  • Internal Auditor Certificate of Completion

ISO 9001 Untangled™ Unlimited

$7499per year
  • EVERYTHING in Foundations and Auditor Packages PLUS:
  • Unlimited Access for ALL Employees
  • Business Owner Strategy Session™
  • FREE Upgrade Consultation
  • Audit Nonconformance Game Planning
  • Consultant On-Demand Service